The Curaçao sun is waiting for you

The choice of destinations to spend a relaxing, sunny holiday the next couple of months is getting smaller. Luckily, Curaçao welcomes you with open arms this fall and winter, at an appropriate distance. The sun on your skin, views over the bright blue sea, a cold drink always within arm's reach; all those worries you've had in the last couple of months will slowly fade away.

Curaçao opened up its borders to welcome tourists again in a controlled manner and the number of positive cases is under control. As a COVID-19 PCR-test is mandatory for all tourists and local measures are in place, the presence of COVID-19 on the island isn't as intrusive. Of course, suitable precautions are in place to keep Curaçao safe for you as a visitor as well as the locals.

So, don't wait any longer. The Curaçao sun is waiting for you. Feel it for yourself!

COVID-19 protocol for guests

Dear Guests,

In March, the government made it clear that the airspace of Curacao was closed. This was to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 (Corona) virus. Just like you, we at Bon Bini Seaside Resort were surprised by the enormous impact of the Corona virus, but our resort is opening again! We therefore warmly welcome you and are happy to see you again!

In recent weeks we have carefully prepared ourselves for maintaining social distancing and the necessary measures have been taken to receive our guests and employees in a hospitable and safe manner!

As we indicated above, the safety of our guests and employees is our priority. Therefore, we ask all guests and employees of our resort to carefully follow the precautions below:

Guidelines for our guests

  1. Please maintain 1,5 meters social distance (roughly 5 feet);
  2. Please report to reception if you have the following complaints;
    - Cold / runny nose
    - Sore throat / mild cough
    - Temperature upward (from 37.9 ° C / 100 F °)
  3. Please report at the reception if someone in the bungalow has a fever and / or a cold complaint;
  4. Do not shake hands;
  5. Always follow the instructions given by our personnel;
  6.  Wash your hands regularly with soap for at least 20 seconds;
  7. Cough and sneeze into your elbow and use paper towels;
  8. Preferably pay at the resort with bank card / credit card (no cash please);
  9. Before use, clean materials with a disinfectant spray (disinfection and hand sanitizer are  available at the resort);
  10. Clean used materials with a disinfection spray (disinfection and hand sanitizer are available at the resort);
  11. Due to the various measures, longer waiting times may arise at the reception, we ask for your understanding;
  12. We will not store any private property left behind or forgotten in connection with the risk of infection;
  13. If you are tested positive for the virus within 14 days of your stay, we ask you to inform us;
  14. When we receive information from a (former) guest about an infection / illness to which you may be exposed, we will inform you;
  15. One person per bungalow is allowed to enter the reception area to check in and check out;
  16. It is not possible to use the washing machine services due to hygiene precautions;
  17. Fill in and return the check-in form enclosed in the email;
  18. Temperature checks are done by the Security staff using a forehead gauge;
  19. Guests with a temperature higher than 37.9 ° C / 100 F  ° are isolated to be tested again;
  20. The cleaning of the bungalows is done every other day; you may not be present (sitting outside on the balcony is allowed however);
  21. You must bring your own gloves and face masks.


What will our employees do for you

  1. Reception staff will serve guests from behind a screen;
  2. Reception staff and doormen wear gloves;
  3. The housekeepers wear gloves and face masks;
  4. Employees wear gloves and face masks when entering occupied bungalows;
  5. During work, employees regularly wash their hands and use disinfectant gel or spray;
  6. Keys of bungalows are disinfected before we give them to the guests;
  7. The toilets at the pool will be cleaned more thoroughly and frequently. Cleaning products will also be present here so that every visitor can clean the toilet if desired;
  8. The sun beds on the sun terrace by the pool will be cleaned more thoroughly and frequently. Disinfection spray will be present here so that every visitor can clean the used lounger;

The Bon Bini Seaside Resort team is responsible for guests' compliance with the protocol. If measures are not observed by the guest, the staff can hold the guest liable.