Checking in and out

- Check out time before : 12:00 noon
- Check in time after : 15:00 PM

Please do not forget to check and make sure you have packed all of your personal belongings. Bon Bini Seaside Resort cannot be held responsible for any items which are left behind by our guests.

Late checkout

Should you wish to make use of the bungalow after 12:00 noon on the day of your departure, then you can request a late check-out at the reception office. The fee for a late check-out is $10,- per hour. Please request
this on time!

Please note: If you check out after 12:00 noon without requesting a late check-out, then the reception office will consider this a late check-out and you will be charged for the extra time! After checking out it is not allowed to stay in the bungalow or it’s porch anymore. This will also be considered as a Late check out of $10 per hour.


You can drink the water directly from the tap; it does not need to be filtered or boiled. The water is completely tasteless.


Smoking is not allowed in the bungalow; it is allowed outside of course, (on the balcony for example). Please use the ashtrays which have been provided. Extra cleaning fees ($ 250,-) will be charged if the smoking regulations are not followed.


Internet voucher costs $20,- per device and will be valid during your entire stay. The voucher is available at the Reception Office.

Availability and prices



All of the bungalows have air-conditioning in the bedrooms. Each A.C. unit has a remote control. In order to turn the A.C. unit on, you will need to use the white pass (which is connected to your bedroom key ring) in the console on the wall. In the 1-bedroom bungalows the console is on the wall in the bedroom, in the 2-bedroom bungalows the console is on the wall in the kitchen.

A word of advice: We advise you to not let the temperature get too low, as the temperature differences will be too great. A comfortable temperature to sleep in is about 23-24 degrees Celsius. The air-conditioning will work best if the windows and doors of the bedroom remain closed.

Because electricity is very expensive on Curaçao, we request you only use the air-conditioning when necessary. Please also turn off other electronic equipment and lights when not in use. We hope that our guests will be conscious of the electricity use and we are counting on your cooperation.

Please contact our guards if the air-conditioning unit is out of order. They can help you with the settings or provide you with a fan as a temporary solution.

Should the card system be damaged or abused, then we will have to charge $35,- We will have to charge $45,- for loss of the key.


We kindly request that you leave the kitchen neat on the day of your departure and that all kitchen utensils, plates, cutlery etc. are washed.


Every bungalow has a built in safe / vault in the clothing closet. The safe can be adjusted to open with your own code. The personnel of Bon Bini Seaside Resort does not have access to your safe. Bon Bini Seaside Resort cannot be held responsible for, or guarantee there will not be theft.


Accidents can happen. Even though we are sure you will be careful with the things in the bungalow, accidents can still happen. To make sure that our next guest has just as warm a welcome as you have had, we request that you notify the Reception Office immediately if something should break. If you have caused the damages (negligence or on purpose), then we will charge you for the repair or replacement costs. Damages of which we have been notified and which are under $ 10,- total for the entire stay, will not be charged. Damages of which we have not been notified, or not on time, will be charged in full.


Your bungalow will be cleaned every other day, except on Sundays and holidays. When the bungalow is cleaned, then the kitchen towels and cloths will be replaced as well. The bedding will be changed every 6 days. Please keep in mind that housekeeping will not clean the dirty dishes!

Telephone use

Every bungalow has a telephone. If you wish to use this telephone, then it will be automatically registered at the reception office. There will be charges for the use of the phone. You can pay for the phone use upon your departure. You will need to dial a 0 first if you wish to call out of the resort. It is not possible to use a phone card.

Reception telephone number : 300
Gate keeper phone number : 305 (also alarm number)
(Should the reception be closed then you can always call the gate keeper in case of an emergency)

You can have your family and friends call the phone in your bungalow. Their call will go through the reception first and will be redirected to your bungalow. If the reception is closed, then you can be reached by having your contact dial the resort number first (+5999-4618000) and then your bungalow number.

Tip: We suggest you keep the phone out of reach of small children to avoid unnecessary phone costs. If you should choose to use the phone, then we suggest that you check with the reception office regularly to see what your current invoice is so that you will not have a nasty surprise upon departure.

Toilette paper

You will receive 2 toilette paper rolls when you check in and when these finish the rest will be on your own cost.

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